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After his home kingdom is destroyed by the ancient devil priest Mumm-Ra, the young Thundercat Lord Lion-O leads a team of survivors as they fight evil on Third Earth.
It is not a real remake because story was modified. The art direction added a anime feel to the old cartoon. The ~23 minutes story are pretty short sometimes and lacks a feeling of continuity. I&#39;ll throw it an 8, because the original Japanese voices are better, and the American version used few voice actors, which in my opinion offends the greatness the cartoon deserves. Some episodes use the same voice actor for 3 voices (see Trivia above). However, the action, climaxes and richness of details, and the quality of animation raises the bar for what many cartoons lack, reaching a Dragon Ball Z-like level, without the unnecessary delay in chapters. <br/><br/>Scale explanation: Scales are flawed, but if DBZ/Kai was considered 9, Saint Seya is 8,5, the new Thundercats deserves an 8, while the old one deserves an 7,5. You might ask &quot;Who is 9~10&quot;? 9: &quot;Record of Lodoss War&quot;, Batman Animated Series. 9,5: The Lion King, Ice Age. 10: The well-know japan classic &quot;Akira&quot; and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (series).
To be honest , I never watched the original thundercats except for a couple of episodes . and I thought it was corny - and that silly idea wouldn&#39;t work nowdays . but I gave it a shot , and this remake not only topped all my expectations . it became one of my favorite animated shows of all time . (up there with TMNT (2003) The Jackie Chan adventures , and even Avatar : The last airbender . just to name some)<br/><br/>it&#39;s really in line with them in terms of quality and charm . not only that , but it even easily beats most of the real &quot;anime&quot; out there . and I think this combo of American writing and voice acting with Asian artstyle and animation is just proved as a great choice again . <br/><br/>So , lets break this show down :<br/><br/>Artstyle - some may disagree with me but as an artist myself I find it very beautiful , it&#39;s colorful and easy on the eye . but it&#39;s detailed enough to be taken seriously . the designs have a modern touch to them and fit the fantasy environment well . and the characters have a lot more …well , character than the original ones - who looked like your cardboard superheroes. <br/><br/>Animation - every episode so far was animated without laziness , with fluid character movement in every degree possible . and amazing action scenes . the quality is as good as something you would expect from a movie . and I just hope the animators realize they put that as a standard for the show and will never get lazy .<br/><br/>Story - Although I&#39;m yet sure to where this show is heading at , so far the plot lines were good . every episode was pretty epic , and even the fillers were pretty good (the main problem with most &quot;anime&quot;) they dealed with serious conflicts . there was a good amount of character development , background stories , and relationships building . and the dialogue was believable - as in , they feel like real people that you can connect with . the only problem I can think of is that every episode is so packed with things that it&#39;s sometimes rushed , and has some &quot;holes&quot; in the sequence of things so it could fit into this short time .<br/><br/>Music - the music is fantastic , other than not having a theme song (which kinda sucks). <br/><br/>but thats no biggy at all , the show is entertaining to watch to both old and young and it saddens me how people who can&#39;t let go of their nostalgia give this excellent show a bad name and drive it to cancellation. I hope that it will live up to it&#39;s planned amount of episodes because I just can&#39;t wait to the next one - CN got themselves an addict :)

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